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Linkovi mogu da se kliknu ukoliko koristite ove primere "http://", "https://", "ftp://" or "irc://". Takodje, e-mail adrese mogu da budu kao link.



Mozete da se pozovete na neku osobu ako postavite ispred imena at-znak. E.g. "@bob" Ime ce biti linkovano na poslednji post osobe u toj diskusiji.

Podebljano & Italic

*Pisite pojacan tekst ovako*, i _italic tekst ovako_.


Za naslov pocnite prvo sa dva puta dve tacke. Primer:

:: Lista proizvoda


Za ubacivanje jedne ili vise linija koristite razmak tojest space na tastaturi:
(u istoj liniji sa praznim poljem ispred i iza teksata)



Da biste citirali neciji tekst, ubacite tekstu svoj post sa quote (gornja dva zareza) na pocetak i na kraj teksta koji citirate . Ovo funkcionese i ukoliko ima vise redova i sadrzi vec citiranje.

Morate ubaciti praznu liniju pre i posle teksta koji se citira:
(enter zavrsava taj posao)

DA:	Ovo je moj tekst
	"Ovo je moj tekst"
	Ovo je moj tekst

Bez teksta pre i posle markera:

NE:	"Ovo je moj tekst".

Prazan prostor pre i posle teksta je dozvoljen. Kad kopirate necije citiranje, ekstra prostor ce biti ubacen, ignorisite.

YES:	Ovo je moj tekst

	     "ovo je moj tekst
	Ovo je moj tekst

Quote moze citirati vise od jedne liniije:

YES:	Ovo je moj tekst
	"The quick brown fox
	jumped over the lazy dog
	Jackdaws love my big
	sphinx of quartz"
	Ovo je moj tekst

Citiranje moze sadrzavati quotes:

YES:	"This is the first quote
	"This is the second quote"
	This is the first quote"

You may use three different kinds of quote marks:
(but you can’t mismatch the ends)

YES:	"Plain speech marks"

	“Curly quotes”

Different kinds of quotes can be nested:

YES:	"This is the first quote

	“This is the second quote
	«This is a third quote»”"

Monospace Text:

For small snippets of code or technical writing you want to appear as-is admidst other writing you can use backticks (1 or more allowed) to enclose the monospace text; the text within will not be processed for bold / italic and other markup.

Use `*bold*` for bold and ``_italic_`` for italics.

When posting, all unnecessary white-space is automatically removed. If you have some text that relies upon a monospace font (such as ASCII art), you can use a "code block".

The code block begins with a percent sign, then your text (starting the next line), and then the ending percent sign on the next line.

      __...--~~~~~-._   _.-~~~~~--...__
    //               `V'               \\ 
   //                 |                 \\ 
  //__...--~~~~~~-._  |  _.-~~~~~~--...__\\ 
 //__.....----~~~~._\ | /_.~~~~----.....__\\
                dwb `---`

Note that there should be a blank line between the code block and any other text before or after:

You can include a title after the first percent sign, for example when inserting source code snippets you can state the programming language used:

div	{color: red;}

Should you need to quote something that has percent symbols as the first character on a line, such as the LaTeX programming language, you can simply use the dollar sign "$" as a delimiter instead.

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